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Why The Current US Education Model Is Failing


Does our current education model restrict our ability to innovate and be productive?  This is an extremely important question to ask in a technology driven global market!  Secondly, if the current model is growth restrictive how can it be fixed?


How To Redirect A GODADDY Domain To Your Home Internet IP Address


If you've ever wanted to run a website from your home this article is for you!  Having a website today is more important than ever before!  They can be used for everything from ecommerce to blogging!  This article will help step you through the process of hosting your own website from ALMOST ANY home internet connection.

A Revolutionary New Global Energy Model!

Why Our Current Energy Model Is Doomed To Fail!

When you look closely at our existing energy infrastructure it has severe shortcomings!  It utilizes a top down approach which centralizes management and distribution!

Let's examine the potential failure modes associated with our current system.  We will categorize the failure modes as either internal or external.

Global Water Shortage: The Fracking Water Loss Theory!


If you ever had reason to be alarmed about a looming threat to humanity this would be it!  This threat to our existence doesn't come from space!  It is not a virus or bacteria!  I am NOT talking about drinking water depletion do to usage!  I am referring to the unrecoverable disappearance of our fresh drinking water supply!   Have I got your attention?

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