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2005 Scion XA AC Compressor Bypass

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The first image shows your car with the AC compressor.  The second image shows it without the AC compressor.  The trick is to measure the belt length in the 2nd diagram with a piece of string.  Tie the string tightly around the pulleys, then cut the string and measure its length.

Ask the auto parts store for a belt that is around 1/2 inch shorter than the length you measured to account for the alternator top bracket position already near its maximum forward position.

When the new belt is put on you will need to make sure it is pretty tight since it needs to drive the water pump.  NOTICE the water pump will NOT have an optimum belt wrap and could slip if the new short belt is not good and tight.

Spray some sticky belt dressing on it after tightening!  This fix should work to get you home safely but please keep an eye on the water temp just to be sure!  Test drive around town in gradually longer trips to make sure the water pump is going to be safe!

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