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A Revolutionary New Global Energy Model!

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Why Our Current Energy Model Is Doomed To Fail!

When you look closely at our existing energy infrastructure it has severe shortcomings!  It utilizes a top down approach which centralizes management and distribution!

Let's examine the potential failure modes associated with our current system.  We will categorize the failure modes as either internal or external.

Internal modes can be considered engineering design flaws!  During development they were either not understood and overlooked; or, they were simply ignored!

Of course, there are many internal failure modes caused by poor design, but there are only 3 that I feel are critical.  These are:

  • Lacking scalability (inability to handle peak stress during high usage).
  • Excessive resource utilization (raw material and land usage).
  • Software glitches (including operator error and malware).

Now, let's look at external modes of failure.  These include:

  • Terrorist attacks (bombings or hacking).
  • Natural disaster (hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, etc.).
  • Wildlife related (birds or squirrels).

With our current system, any of the above failures means that 100's of millions of people could experience power loss.  During 2003 the entire northeast in the US and parts of Canada experienced a blackout lasting 2 days.  An estimated 50 million people were without power and damages were estimated to be 6 billion dollars!  These are trivial numbers when compared to other parts of the world!  During 2012 India reported 670 million lost power for several hours!

Now imagine if 670 million people lost power for 3 weeks instead of 3 hours?  That time WILL come and it could be tomorrow!

Our current model rings the dinner bell for hackers and terror organizations!  They now know their actions will impact hundreds of millions of lives in a single blow!

If we compare our current energy model to food, it is, simply, NOT FIT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION!  A proposed bottom up approach can be integrated with our existing model to secure our energy needs for the future!

If we can imagine a perfect world we need to build it!


A Revolutionary New Global Energy Model!

In the past we learned the value of sanitation from epidemics!  As a result we have modern water and sewage treatment!  In the future we will look back and realize there was NO other energy model than the one presented here!

The new global energy model will utilize a bottom up approach!  It will leave the existing infrastructure in place and coexist as a hybrid system.  It will completely eliminate the fear, loss of life, and financial damages associated with a long term wide spread power outage!

Let's look at how this would work!  Each household would generate a scalable amount of solar and wind energy independent of the grid!  Somewhere in the range of 5-15 kilowatts would be required.  As long as you have sun or wind available your household system provides power.  When your system stops producing power you are automatically switched back to the grid!

Depending on your location; solar, wind, and hydroelectric are all possibilities.  Furthermore, with the addition of clean burning hydrogen gas generators with automatic sensing and starting you could be completely disconnected from grid power!

The beauty of this system lies in its ability to scale!  Each household is scaled to generate the amount of power they require.  The current model wastes the taxpayers money!  It requires huge amounts of copper, steel, and land resources to bring power to the consumer!  It also contributes to global warming by over-producing.  When excess power is produced it must be dumped off in the form of heat!

In the event of natural disasters or terror attacks that damage the distribution grid you are completely self sustained!


Traditional Renewable Energy Systems Are Not The Answer.

Traditional renewable energy systems for the home rely on wind and/or solar to generate electricity.  This electricity is generated in the form of Direct Current, also known as DC.  Electricity produced is then used to charge a bank of batteries by means of a regulated charging circuit.  Once the battery bank is charged enough, its power is converted to household Alternating Current (AC) by a device called an inverter!  The most widely used type of battery for long term use has been the common forklift battery.  The batteries required to run a home can number as high as 30.  That'll break the bank before you even get started!

The battery nightmare continues!  Without getting too technical, I'll try to explain!  Batteries mix together like oil and water!  This means they DON'T mix at all!  Battery banks MUST be matched according to type and capacity!

In fact, all components must be sized and matched for long term efficient operation.  These systems can easily become a maintenance nightmare and require highly skilled technicians to keep them operational.

It doesn't end there!  Some systems feed energy back into our already failure-prone electric grid.  They use very expensive inverters referred to as grid tie inverters.  The expense, complexity, and maintenance of these systems make them an unlikely candidate for our newly revised global energy model.


A Revolutionary New Method Of Localized Onsite Power Generation!

After years of battery, charger, and inverter failures I began focusing on the problem at hand!  If I could just reduce the complexity of the system it would work!   I then started brainstorming for an alternative to using both batteries and inverter!!!!!!

My brainstorming finally paid off with a REVOLUTIONARY new method of generating localized onsite power!  It utilizes readily available existing technology that has been PROVEN in the field for decades!

What I finally came up with is a NOVEL way to generate power! Completely unique and of my very own design!  The concept is simple, efficient, and reliable!  Best of all!  IT'S CHEAPER!

It IS the FUTURE of ENERGY and holds the promise of bringing renewable POWER TO THE PEOPLE!


How Can We Make This Happen?

We can make this happen by keeping an open mind and spreading the word!  That word is:  Let's Do Good By Our Planet Because We Can!  Let's put taxpayer money to work using a well planned approach to an ever worsening energy problem!

This plan CANNOT be realized without our government behind it,, THE PEOPLE, are the government!  It MUST be pushed forward!

It can be pushed forward in 1 of 2 ways!  Let's take a look!

Method #1:

This plan would require state and federal regulations mandating ANY new homes built to include an energy self-sufficiency kit with a tax credit provision.  For the already existing homes there would be a government sponsored equipment and installation subsidy.  The installation crews would consist of green power technical students and would be considered as internship work!  This would require a massive one time infusion of capital!  No different than the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008!  Wait, it is different!  It's an investment!  NOT a bailout!  The governments dividend would be realized very quickly with huge offset savings in all other related sectors!

Method #2:

This method involves the securement of major investors!  Unfortunately, most Big Business investors are greedy and self-serving!  This method would also still require government support.  It would more than likely drive up the cost of a changeover!

I will make this solemn promise to the people!  I will NOT release this technology and WILL die with it in secret before I allow Big Business to steal it away!  If a major investor is found for this project I will guarantee the people that ONLY minimal but reasonable profits will be made!

How can I guarantee this?  It's simple actually!  I am the only one who knows the components needed to build it!  Therefore, supply contracts can be hammered in stone prior to manufacturing and distribution!  This prevents suppliers from artificially inflating price!

In a nutshell, these are the possibilities!

Don't listen to officials or Big Oil lobby groups that tell you this is impossible!  They're interests are self-serving!  My interest is in being left alone with a humble income to enjoy the wildlife on my little 20 acre slice of the world!

We can make the world better!  We can breathe cleaner air!  We can stop polluting our water!  We can stop fossil fuel dependency!


These possibilities can only be realized with a strong show of support!  If you know someone in the scientific community or a public office share this article with them!

Please register your Liberty Polls vote on this topic by CLICKING HERE.

Continued updates on the status of this project can be found at

Lee R. Surber

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